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Lotsa Luv

Post by Janet on Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:57 am

Lotsa Luv

I'm doing this in PSP 9 but can't see any reason why it can't be done in other versions.
Make a folder on desktop called "Luvs Ya" ??

You will need this Creo Creddy HERE

Open in PSP, Windows / Duplicate. Delete the original to preserve it.
Before we begin to animate, we need to prepare it.
Using your Lasso tool, Point to Point, Feather 0, Antialias checked.
Click on one corner of card, then on next etc till you have gone around all the card. Right Click to break String. You now have marching ants all around it

Up to Edit / copy. Edit / Paste as a New Image.
Now do the same with the Half Heart on the tray.
Click on flood fill tool, Choose the grey from from your tray and flood fill inside the marching ants

Selections / Select None
Now we have to remove a card at bottom of printer

With your Lasso tool again draw around it, then hit delete key on Key Board. Selections / Select none

Now we have to re-build everything. lol
First crop a small piece out of your desk to use as a fill.
Use your selection tool to draw a around the desk part you deleted and flood fill with the pattern you cropped.

Lets fix up the cards
With your lasso tool draw around the card you want to replace

Flood fill with the grey you have on the edge of your cards.
Go up to Selections / Modify / Contract by 1
Flood fill with white
Now we need a heart, the only one that looks right is the one below
Use your lasso tool to draw around it

Go to Edit / Copy Edit / Paste as new image.
Then copy / paste this image as a new layer on your canvas.
Using the deform tool, manover and alter this to fit canvas.
Now use lasso tool to draw rest of heart. Flood fill with the red from heart

Just have this one to fix up

Once again just draw around the bit that needs filling in and flood fill with the red from hearts. Layers Merge / Merge visable.

Ok, Lets make our Sig
Save this image to the folder you made as 1 psp image

On the half heart you saved
Right click / copy right click / paste as n\New Layer to tray. Move into place with mover tool.

Layers merge / Merge visable. Save as 2 psp image
Hit the Undo arrow 3 times to get back to where you started.
On the Full Heart you saved
Right Click / copy right click / paste onto canvas as new Layer
Click on deform tool and manoover into position

Layers Merge / Merge Visable. Save as 3 psp image
Click on Edit and undo as many times as you have to. to get back to original
On full heart again Copy / paste as new layer. With deform tool move and manoover to put it further down.

Layers Merge / Merge Visable Save as 4 psp image
Go to Edit / undo as many times as you need to go back to original
Do the same again. moving a little further down
Save as 5 psp image

OK, one more time, so its sat on top of cards
Save as 6 psp image

Open Animation Shop
Go to File / Animation wizard
Makes sure "same size as first image frame" is ticked
Click Next
A box comes up
I have "Opaque" ticked as I prefer a white background.
Click Next
A box comes up
Have "Upper left corner of frame" and "With the Canvas colour" ticked
Click Next
Box comes up
Have "Yes repeat animation indefinately" ticked. I have my speed at 25.
Click Next
Box comes up
Click "Add Animation"
A box comes up.
Click on the dropdown Arrow, at top, to find your folder and open it.
Add your Layers you saved in the right order.
Click Next, Then Finish.

Go to the last frame and change the speed to 100
Go up to Edit Select All and save your Sig
Theres your Lotsa Luv

This tutorial was written by Janet. You may Link to this tutorial, and/or print it out for your personal use only - please do not redistribute it in anyway to put online, or re-write without my permission. ©Janet
"26th Jan 2005"


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