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Piano Name

Post by Janet on Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:50 am

Piano Name

You need to have a good working knowledge of PSP to complete this.
I'm writing this in PSP9 but it could be done in other versions.

Your Name cannot be more than 7 letters long.
You will need my Supplies

I'm using a Butterfly from SigzSafeTubes HERE
But you can use any image you want.
Make a folder on your desktop called Piano Name or whatever.
Take my supplies into PSP,
Go to windows / Duplicate , then delete original to preserve.

We will save each move as we do it.

With your Piano and music, Go to Layers Merge / Merge Visable.
Save to your folder as 1 PSP image.

Hit the Undo Arrow so all layers show again.
Have your Black Keys highlighted.

Right Click Copy on Butterfly, Right Click / Paste as a new layer
Rename this layer Butterfly
With mover tool, Move Butterfly, like mine

Layers Merge / Merge Visable.
Save as 2 PSP image
Hit the undo arrow again
With your Mover tool, Move the Butterfly down, Like mine

Layers Merge / Merge Visable, Save as 3 PSP image
Hit undo Arrow
{Note This Place}
With Mover Tool,
Pull the first Key of Piano Down until it is near the bottom of second key.
Then Move your Butterfly so its sitting on the key

Layers Merge / Merge Visable. Save as 4 PSP image
Hit Undo Arrow until you are Back at {note this place}
With Mover tool, Move Butterfly so its touching first black key
{As I have 5 letters to my name,
I'm going to use a music note as the first letter}

Just Copy and Paste as a New Layer.
Like This

Layers Merge / Merge Visable, save as 5 PSP image
{Repeat from HERE}
Hit Undo Arrow
With Mover Tool, Move next Key down and sit butterfly on it,
Layers Merge / Merge Visable. save as 6 PSP image.
Hit undo Arrow, till key is back to begining.
Move the butterfly to next black key.
Click on Font Tool,
Choose any font or colour you like, Vector Checked.
Add First Letter of your Name.
Move letter into place.
On Layer Pallette, Convert to Raster Layer.
Layers Merge / Merge Visable. Save as 7 PSP image
Repeat this until you have all your name Written,
Ending on last key, I'll use another Note on my last key.
Should Look Like This

Hit the Undo Arrow, Then move the butterfly up and to right a little.

Layers Merge / Merge Visable and Save.
Hit Undo arrow, Move Butterfly almost off the page.
Layers Merge / Merge Visable and Save
Hit Undo Arrow, Hide Butterfly Layer.
Layers Merge / Merge Visable, and Save
I ended up with 20 frames saved

Open Animation Shop
Go to File / Animation Wizard
Follow prompts, Setting speed to 30 and adding all your frames in correct order.
Click on first frame, so its the only one highlighted
Go to Animation / Frame Properties, set the speed to 100
Now go to the last frame.
Click on it so its the only frame highlighted, set the speed to 100
Back to first frame, click on it,
Hold Ctrl key down and hit"A" to highlight all frames.
Now save as a Gif

This tutorial was written by Janet. You may Link to this tutorial, and/or print it out for your personal use only - please do not redistribute it in anyway to put online, or re-write without my permission. ©Janet
"3rd Dec 2004"


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