Hearts N Diamonds

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Hearts N Diamonds

Post by Janet on Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:33 am

Hearts n Diamonds

You will need my supplies HERE
Open tubes in psp
The heart is in layers, so if you want to change the background colour, you can
Duplicate your images and delete originals to preserve for later
On your heart image, if you wish to change colour
Highlight inner heart layer, Slections/select all, selections/float, flood fill with colour of choice,

Selections/select none,
Image/ canvas size, change to 400 x 450, we can crop later
Click the arrow on top centre, remember to change it back to centre

New layer/layers arrange/send to bottom, flood fill with white
You can always delete this later if you want
Highlight top layer (outline)
Copy/paste your base as a new layer, move into place, re-name base
Highlight outline layer again
On your Drops tube,With magic wand, these settings

click in each heart,Selections/modify/expand by 1
New layer,flood fill with colour of choice, Add inner bevel,these settings

Selections/select none
Copy/paste your heart drops as a new layer, move into place, re-name drops
New layer named text, Add your text in font and colour of choice
If you used more than one layer for text, hide all other layers and merge visable
Re-name it text.
You can stop here, add a drop shadow and save, or carry on to animate it
Highlight outline layer, with lasso tool set at point to point draw around it, like this

Duplicate this three times.Highlight copy of outline
Ajust/ add remove noise, these settings

Highlight copy2 of outline, add noise change the number to 25
Highlight copy3 of outline, add noise, change number to 35
Selections/select none. Hide the three copies
Highlight your base layer and zoom in on it
with lasso tool, draw around the diamond bits like this, you will have to stop and start

Duplicate three times
Repeat the noise just the same as for the outline
Selections/select none, Hide copies of base
Now is a good time to crop around your image
If you want to delete your white background, do it now, I'm leaving mine
Highlight bottom layer
Your layer pallette should look like this

Layers/merge/merge visable, save as 1 psp image,Hit undo arrow
Hide outline and base layers, unhide copy of base and outline
Merge visable, save as 2 psp image, hit undo arrow
Hide copy of base and outline, unhide copy 2 of same
Merge visable, save as 3 psp image, hit undo arrow
Hide copy 2 of base and outline, unhide copy 3 of same
Merge visable, save as 4 psp image

Open Animation shop
File/animation wizard, follow prompts and add your 4 psp images in order
Ive set my speed to 10
Save as a gif image

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

This tutorial was written by ©Janet on 21st July 2006.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purley coincidental.
You may Link to this tutorial, and / or print for your personal use only.
Please do not copy, rewrite, translate, place it (or Zip files)
anywhere on the web, send via email, or claim it as your own


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