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Shop For Shoes

Post by Janet on Sun Nov 09, 2008 5:39 am

Shop for Shoes

You will need my supplies HERE

Take tube into psp
Put DSB Flux into your plugins folder

Open a new canvas 375 x 375 white
New layer,
Click on pre-set shapes tool, set background to #ebc3ad, foreground null
Or choose a colour of choice
Choose your heart 1 shape, draw a heart, like this

effects/ plugins/ dsb flux/bubbles, these settings

Effects/plugins/dsb flux/blast, these settings

Repeat blast, change setting to right
Repeat blast, change settings to up
Repeat blast, change settings to down
New layer, With selection tool, draw a rectange, like this

Flood fill with a metallic gradient, Select none
Click on raster deform tool, hold shift key down
Move top right and left nodes in a little and top centre down if needed

Add a drop shadow, these settings

Copy/paste shoe as a new layer, put in place
Add a drop shadow, these settings

Crop your canvas to look like this

Layers/merge/merge all/flatten
Image/add borders/these settings

Image/add borders/these settings

With magic wand, click in white border Flood fill with #ebc3ad
Add inner bevel, these settings

Select none,Add same black border as before
You are now ready to add layers for text,copyright and watermark
Merge visable, you can stop and save now or go on to add a few sparkles

Duplicate your Sig 3 times, hide duplicated ones, highlight original
Add a couple of small sparkles, hide that layer
Unhide/highlight next layer add sparkles
Repeat with last two layers
Unhide all layers
File/save as psp images

Open animation shop
file/open, find your psp files and open them
Ive set my speed to 45, Save as a gif file

I hope you have enjoyed doing this tutorial

This tutorial was written by ©Janet on 12 Sept 2006.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purley coincidental.
You may Link to this tutorial, and / or print for your personal use only.
Please do not copy, rewrite, translate, place it (or Zip files)
anywhere on the web, send via email, or claim it as your own


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