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You will need a tube of your choice, I'm using one from KristofferRemmell.
You can get tubes from Artists that allow, link at bottom of page
Masks, pattern and disc (supplies) at bottom of page

Open a new canvas 400 x 400 white
New layer, selections / select all
Copy / paste blue pattern into selection, select none
Layers / new mask layer / from image, Choose music page mask 1
On layer pallette, delete mask layer and ungroup group layer.
Merge visable
New layer, with selection tool draw an Octagon, and flood fill with white, like this

Layers, new mask layer / from image, choose mask / music mask 2
Select none
On layer pallette, delete mask layer, ungroup group layers
Copy / paste your tube as a new layer
Add a drop shadow, these settings

Repeat drop shadow
Add layers for your text / copyright and watermark
Merge visable

We are going to save as we go now
Copy / paste disc as a new layer, put in place.
Merge visable, save as 1 psp image
Hit undo arrow twice, make sure disc layer is highlighted
Image / free rotate, rotate 30d left
Merge visable, save as 2 psp image
Hit undo arrow twice, make sure disc layer is highlighted.
Rotate 60d left, merge, save as 3psp image
Hit undo arrow twice, make sure disc layer is highlighted
Rotate left 90d, merge, save as 4psp image
Keep repeating this, rotating by an extra 30d each time, until you have saved after rotating 330d.
You should have saved 12 layers

Open Animation Shop
File / Animation Wizard
Follow the prompts and add all your psp layers.
I have my speed set to 24
Go to View / animation, If you are happy, save as a gif image

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

This tutorial was written by ©️Janet on 8th October 2008.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purley coincidental.
You may Link to this tutorial, and / or print for your personal use only.
Please do not copy, rewrite, translate, place it (or Zip files)
anywhere on the web, send via email, or claim it as your own.

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