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You will need Battlestar font, VM experimantal filter ( magnetic detection )
I will post links at end of tutorial
A tube of your choice, I'm using one from mike S Mall (google)

Open a new canvas 400 x 400 white
New layer
Click on text tool, choose Battlestar as the font, size 100, stroke 2,
Choose two colours from your tube
I'm using Foreground- the red from shoes, Background - black
Wrte your name, select none

On layer pallette, duplicate name, hide this layer and highlight original name.
Click on deformation (pick) tool, and stretch name

Click on Pan tool to release deformation tool.
Selections / select all, Selections / float
Effects / Vm experimental / magnetic detection, these settings

Select none
Copy / paste your tube as a new layer, put in place
Add a drop shadow, these settings

On layer pallette, unhide and highlight copy of name
Resize to about 60%
With deformation tool, move slightly to left and drag down to bottom corner, ( see mine ).
Ajust / sharpness, unsharp mask
Add a drop shadow, same as before
Merge visable
You are now ready to add layers for copyright and watermark.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

This tutorial was written by ©️Janet on 1st June 2008
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purley coincidental.
You may Link to this tutorial, and / or print for your personal use only.
Please do not copy, rewrite, translate, place it (or Zip files)
anywhere on the web, send via email, or claim it as your own.

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