Opening Doors

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Opening Doors

Post by Janet on Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:30 am

Opening Doors

You will need my supplies, posted at end of tutorial, or make your own.
You could addapt this to any doors or similar
Ive added a few Animals to mine
But, you can use whatever you want to fill yours.

I'm writing this in PSP 9 but it should work in any version
We will be saving each stage as we go

Take My Curio Box into PSP
Go to Windows / Duplicate, Delete original and preserve for later.
Image / Canvas Size change the size to 450 x 400.
We can crop later.
Layers / New Raster Layer, name it Background
Layers / Arange / Send to bottom
Flood fill with white, this is what you have

Layers Merge / Merge Visable, Save as 1 PSP image
Click the Back Arrow to undo merge.
{We will Repeat from Here}
Highlight Door 1
Click on your Raster deform tool
You will see Ants with Nodes around the door

On the Centre Node,
Hold your cursor over it till you see a two headed arrow
Now drag that Node in Slightly, Like This

Click back on your canvas,
If you find your ants and nodes have dissapeared, click on raster deform tool again.
Now hold your shift key down,
hover your cursor over the top node until you see a 4 headed arrow.
Hold your click down and drag the node up, till about the top of the Curio Cabinet.
Do the same with the bottom node
This is what you should have

On your tools pallette, click on the hand to exit the deform tool.

Now Highlight Door 2
Repeat what you did with Door 1
This is what you should have

Layers Merge / Merge Visable, Save as 2 PSP image.
Hit undo arrow to unmerge layers.
Repeat the last steps from {We will repeat from here}
Just make the Doors narrower and longer, like this

{Go to Window / Duplicate, Set aside for now}
Back to canvas you are working on
Layers merge, Save as 3 PSP image
Hit undo arrow to unmerge.
Now repeat again, Almost taking the edge of the door to the hinges like this

Layers / Merge / Merge Visable.
Save as 4 PSP image
Lets work on the one you duplicated now.
On layer Pallette highlight Door 1
Click on Raster deform tool, Make the door about half the width.
Leave the height as is
Do the same with Door 2.

Now with your mover tool, move the doors to the opposite sides, Like this

Make sure one of the doors is highlighted.
Selections / Select All. Selections / Float
Flood Fill with the gold pattern
Selections / Modify / Contract, By 2
Flood fill with Rice paper pattern.
Selections / Select None.
Highlight the other door and do the same again.
Layers Merge / Merge Visable
Save as 5PSP image
Hit the undo arrow to unmerge.
Highlight a door
Click 0n Raster deform tool
Stretch the doors out and up and down a little as before.
Should look like this

Layers Merge / Merge Visable
File / Save as 6 PSP image
Open up Animation Shop
File / Animation Wizard. Follow the prompts until you have to add Images.
Add them in this order
Highlight frame 1,
Animation / Frame Properties, change speed to 220
Highlight Frame 6,
Animation / Frame properties, change speed to 120.
Crop and save as a Gif, and your all done.

I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial

This tutorial was written by ©️Janet on 10th October 2005.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purley coincidental.
You may Link to this tutorial, and / or print for your personal use only.
Please do not copy, rewrite, translate, place it (or Zip files)
anywhere on the web, send via email, or claim it as your own.



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