Bubbles in my Soda Pop

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Bubbles in my Soda Pop

Post by Janet on Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:15 am


This is what we are going to make
You will need supplies, posted at end of tutorial
Open your tube, Duplicate and close out original.

Open new canvas 400x400
right click on top of tube and copy
right click on blank canvas and paste as new layer
going to grab our freehand lasso tool

do not deselect your going to duplicate so u have 3 of same

now x out the copies you made and highlight the original

Eyecandy 3 and use these settings

x out the original and highlight your first copy....

Back to eyecandy 3
the only setting your going to change is the random speed set
it to 3

now x out the copy and highlight your next copy like the above
back to eyecandy 3, change the random speed once again to 6

Selections, select none

Now for text, new raster layer name it text
click on the A for your text tool
type what ever you want your name or anything
go to your layer palet and duplicate your text two times
for a total of three....

you'll have three of the bubbles and three of your text
x out your copies of bubbles and text
highlight original like below....

x out what u just merged highlight next copy make sure
the last copies are xed out.....like the above...now merge
visible...like the other part...you did....

you should x out the merged u just did and un x
the last two copies of bubbles and text.....
highlight and merge.....leaving three merged images

un x all and save as your psp.image

Name It so you can find it

Open Animation Shop
go to file and open your psp.image

I grab the crop tool and go around the image double click in the box

Now go to file and save.......

This tutorial was written by Babz on 15th June 2004, You may link to or print it out for your personal use only. Please do not re-distribute it in anyway to put online, or re-write without my permission. Thanks Babz_NCĀ©



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