How to lasso a Butterfly

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How to lasso a Butterfly

Post by Janet on Sun Dec 21, 2008 5:23 am

How to Lasso A Butterfly

You will be using your Lasso Tool and your draw tool and flood fill.
I hope that this will be a very easy tutorial for you good luck and have fun...

Open a new image 400x400 transparent background...
Using your freehad lasso tool draw out your body

Add a new layer and flood fill with the color of choice... inner bevel

Select none
Draw out your top wing

new layer floodfill with white you can colorize if you like...
inner bevel same settings
select none
now draw out your bottom wing...

New layer floodfill white.. inner bevel same settings... select none
go to layers arrange and move down x out raster 1 and 2

Merge visible
un x 1 and 2
Now draw out your top back wing

new layer... floodfill white... inner bevel same settings....
draw out your back bottom wing...

New layer and flood fill white... inner bevel same setting and select none..
Layers arrange move down... x out your merged wings and raster 1 and 2

Merge visable layers arrange and move down
hopefully it should look like this now....

click on the body layer... raster 2 click on your draw tool I used the freehand...
draw in your antenna's and the curly tongue...
also I didn't merge the wings untill I did the drop shadow and used these settings

Add another Drop Shadow, These settings

merge the butterfly as it is ready for your personal detailing....
this is where you can get as creative as you like...

I used the softening tool to make my edges look nice... I used the shapes tool to
make my designs on the butterfly... I duplicated the butterfly x 2 so I had three in all..
I used my picture tube to put my sparkles where I wanted them..

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial

This Tutorial was written by babz_nc©️ on June 28th 2005
it is my own design I didn't use anyone's setting's or tutorial...
any that seems as such was purely coincidental...


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