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I'm writing this in PSP9 but it can easily be done in all other versions.
You will need my sunset piccie, posted at end of tutorial
You can colourize it if you would like a different colour.
Plus tubes of your choice. I'm using one of "Layana's"
Please remember to add copyright
Open the sunset in PSP and minimize it.

Open a new canvas 400 x 400. Flood fill with black.
Add a new layer.
Click on your pre set shape tool. Use these settings.

Set your material pallette to Stroke white / fill null.
Draw a rectangle on one side of canvas, so it looks like this

On layer pallette, Duplicat this, then go to Image Mirror.
You now have two rectangles.
Add a new layer
Click on pre set shapes tool again, tick "Create as Vector" in your settings.
Draw another rectangle in the centre, slightly higher.
Use the nodes on it to place it so its just not touching the others.
Like this

On your layer pallette. Right click on the vector layer and convert to raster.
Hide background layer then, Layers / Merge / Merge visable.
Click on your magic wand, Hold shift key down, And click in the 3 boxes, You should have marching ants in them all.

Click on your flood fill tool, in your materials find your patterns, then look for the sunset image and click it
Now flood fill your boxes.
Go up to Efects / Illumination Effects / Sunburst.
Use these settings

Selections / select none
Right click / Copy on your Layana tube
Right click / paste as a new layer on your canvas.
Move her so she is central.
Lower the opacity to 40.
Add a drop shadow, Use these settings.

Right click / copy on your male tube
Right click / paste as new layer on canvas
Move him to top left and lower oacity to 20.
Add same drop shadow as above.
This is what you have so far

Add a new layer,call it "name" Choose a font and colour for your text.
Ive used AngeGardien, these settings

Click on text tool then on canvas, A text box comes up.
Write your name. It will be sat across the canvas, with a box around it.
Your layer pallette will look like this, with a cross on the side

Click on the cross and your text will show below it.
Right click on your text and go to / convert text to curves / as character shapes.

Now if you click on the "+" next to name, it will open up with all the letters in your name

Now as you click on each letter in layer Pallette, you will see a box with nodes surround that letter on your canvas.

Hold your click down on the centre node and move your letter to where you want it.
Do the same with all other letters. You should end up with this

If you are happy add a drop shadow, these settings

Purple Sunset

You are now ready to add layers for Copyright, Text and Watermark.
Go Layers / Merge / Merge Visable
And you are done.

This tutorial was written by Janet. You may Link to this tutorial, and/or print it out for your personal use only - please do not redistribute it in anyway to put online, or re-write without my permission. ©️Janet
"25th Jan 2005"


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