Waving Teddy Bear

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Waving Teddy Bear

Post by Janet on Tue Dec 09, 2008 4:43 am

Waving Teddy Bear

You will need a Teddy bear of your choice
I made this one from a tutorial.
Open it in PSP, go to Windows / Duplicate to preserve original.
Close the original and work with the copy.

Open a New Canvas 300 x 300
Copy and Paste your Bear onto it as a New Layer.
Click on your Lasso tool, on toolbar have it set to point to point.

Draw a line through the hand, then around it.

Go up to Edit / copy. Then Edit / paste as new image.You will have this.

If the teddy you are using has a Pad on its hand ??

Use your Smudge brush, gently, smudge the fur to cover the pad

On this small image, go to Image / Mirror. Image / Flip

Back to main Image.
Duplicate the Hand layer.
Hide original, and have copy highlighted.

Hit the Delete Key on keyboard.
Selections / Select None.
Go to the little Image of the hand.
Right click / Copy, back to canvas Right click / paste as new layer.
Move ito place with mover tool.
Ive lightened mine so you can see it better.

On your layer pallette, hide the background Layer

Layers / merge / merge visable
Unhide the Hand layer

I prefer a white background.
So Ive duplicated the background.
Have one background and one teddy hidden.

Go to layers / Merge / Merge Visable.
Hide that Merged layer, Then Merge the other two layers.
Now go to File / Save as.
And save to a folder as a PSP image.
Open Animation Shop
Go to File / Open, find the image you saved and click on it, then click Open.
Go to Edit / Select All.
Go to View / Animation.
If its waving to fast, Go to Animation / Frame Properties, and change your speed, Ive set mine to 30.
Now save your Sig.

This tutorial was written by Janet. You may Link to this tutorial, and/or print it out for your personal use only - please do not redistribute it in anyway to put online, or re-write without my permission. ©️Janet
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