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We have always said to change your Options in PSP to make it compatible with PSP7, This way you can Access all the tubes.
However for this tutorial you must have your options box ticked to be compatible with only the version you are using.
Click on File / Save as
When your Box comes up, click Options
From the drop down box choose the version you are using

I'm writing this in PSP 9 but it will work in all versions.
You will need a font of your choice

Also a quill, pen, hand etc to do the writing

You will need to open PSP and Animation Shop.
Have them side by side for easy access.
We will be working Backwards so dont get confused, lol.

First in PSP, Choose any colour you like, Write your name, I'm using these settings

Selections / Select None
Copy and paste this into Animation Shop.
Open a new canvas 300 x 150 transparent.
Copy / paste your name to it. Place your name to the left hand side
Like this. You can delete the original.

Right click on name, Copy
Right click again and Paste After Current Frame

You now have 2 frames, Do this again so you have 3 frames

The last frame is completed, so just leave it.
On the hand you have there, Right Click / Copy
Go to your Second Frame and Paste into selected frame.
Place the hand at the end of the last letter,
Mine is on the cross of the "T"

On first frame, Right Click and "Export to PSP"

Click on lasso tool and draw around the last part of the "T"
Zoom in, it helps, Be very careful near the joins

Hit the delete key on your keyboard. Selections / Select None
Now do the same with the back half of the "T" leaving one little pixel at the end, so you know where to put your hand.

Click on the "X" to close, and a box will come up to ask if you want to Save Changes, Click No, another box comes up asking if you want to update to Animation Shop.
Click "Yes"
Your first frame now has the cross missing from the "T"

Right Click on First frame and Paste after Current frame
Now add your hand where you left one pixel showing

We have to start on a new piece of the letter now.
So Copy and paste your first frame again after current frame
Then Add your hand to the bottom of the "T"

Export your first frame to PSP
With the lasso tool remove the rest of the T leaving one pixel to show where your hand goes
Click the "X" and update back to Animation Shop.
Copy paste this after current frame and Add your hand to the pixel.
In frame 1, click on your eraser and rub out the pixel.
Now we start on the "E"
Copy / Paste after current frame and place the hand on the last part of the "E"

Export first frame to PSP and remove part of the "E" with lasso tool

Update back to Animation Shop.
Copy / Paste after current frame, Add Hand to the "E"

OK, Hope youve got the Gist of this now.
Keep doing the same thing over and over with all your letters until you get to the last letter.
I always try to make this one smoother. So just take smaller portions off with lasso tool.
With the very last piece of your name.
After Updating back to Animation shop.
Just leave it as the first frame and add your hand there.

Go up to View / Animation and see your finished work
If it needs to be slowed down
Go to Edit / Select All
Then Animation / Frame Properties
I slowed mine to 20, Then I went to the last frame, The one with just my name on it and slowed that to 150.
Now Click on your Crop tool
Click on Options, then on Surround Animated area, Click OK

Double click in the box that surrounds your name and it will be cropped.
Now Save your Sig as a Gif File

Dont forget to change your settings back in PSP

[center][center]This tutorial was written by ©Janet on 12 Sept 2005.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purley coincidental.
You may Link to this tutorial, and / or print for your personal use only.
Please do not copy, rewrite, translate, place it (or Zip files)
anywhere on the web, send via email, or claim it as your own.


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